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Do You Have a Side Hustle?

Do You Have a Side Hustle?

Have you heard about side hustles? 

Type it into google and you get over 57 million results so it's quite a thing. The Guardian even has a channel dedicated to it!

A side hustle is a project you run alongside your main work. It's not a hobby because it makes money but it doesn't have to be your main source of income. 

I'm celebrating today because in July I started a new side hustle. Designing and publishing short classes on learning platform, Skillshare.

Although I've been so happy (and busy) with my two clients (creating content, developing products, working on innovation), I realised I really missed delivering training. 

So I jumped into a 30 day challenge, organised by Skillshare to create and publish my first course. 

At first, I had to wrack my brains for which topic to choose for my first class. Then it became clear. It had to be about career development and designed to help people who wanted to change career or work life. 

Skillshare classes are designed to be bite-sized, project focused classes. So my first class, I teach people how to create an inspiring vision. A tool that I have found so useful in my winding career journey. 

After that was published, I was so inspired, I created another one, about getting unstuck! It is such an amazing feeling knowing that people are taking my classes and finding them useful. And, although small, they are already generating royalties which is nice too. 

I am so inspired that I have filmed a third class and I have a list of classes I would like to teach with over 100 classes on it. If I publish one a week, I have almost two years worth of classes.

If you have ever considered teaching or training as a side hustle, I really encourage you to check out Skillshare. The support they offer for new teachers is amazing. I had one-to-one advice, feedback and support throughout the journey. They are also offering a $50 bonus to new teachers which is a nice benefit. 

I'm wondering how big I can grow this side hustle as the platform and my idea list seems to be growing fast. But really, what I love is the experience of creating classes and seeing people benefit from them. That won't change whether I earn £100 or £1,000 a month from this side hustle. 

If my courses sound interesting to you, I hope you get a chance to check them out. As a teacher on Skillshare, I can offer you 2 months access to my courses for free, you can use this link to redeem it.




What does the word career mean these days?

What does the word career mean these days?

Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what you do?