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Where Next?

Where Next?

I can hardly believe how time flies. 

The end of another 30-day challenge passed and I didn't update you on how it all went. 

At the end of April, I pledged to create one piece of content a day and one hustle. I don't think I could have guessed how well it turned out. 

I have created far more than one piece of content and day. I have been on one of the most productive streaks of my life. 

Firstly, I designed and delivered a launch campaign for a brand new beauty product for my client The Soap Co. If you don't already know about them, I'd recommend checking them out. 

The campaign was a great success resulting in the product selling out! 

It was a real challenge to turnaround and deliver a campaign with a 10 day lead time. It was a nice feeling to know that, almost 2 years before, I had also been designing a launch campaign for the brand. 

For the campaign, I took product and lifestyle photos, created brand guidelines for commissioned content, created blogs and other visuals alongside all the social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I enjoyed designing click through adverts on Facebook and Instagram knowing that every purchase that resulted makes a huge difference to the team. 

At the same time, I have been on a truly epic content creation mission for Digital Mums. I have been creating videos, interviewing interesting people from Sacchivest and LinkedIn and creating lots of walkthrough videos on almost all the channels. 

So the content side was huge. I smashed the target of 1 piece a day by a long shot. 

The daily hustle part of the challenge quickly became a victim of its own success. Within a few days, I ran out of time to follow through all the opportunities that I was generating. I've still got a long list of guest posts to write up and posts I am writing up for other people. 

Turns out, and this is a suprise to me, that after 2 years as a freelancer my hustling skills are strong. So, no more hustling till I find time to follow through. 

So, here I am at a crossroads again. Where to take this project next?

One idea that doesn't seem to go away is to open this blog to guest bloggers. It could provide a forum and audience for those who don't want to have their own blog. Would you be interested in writing a short piece? Let me know. 



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