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Sunday Inspiration: Lucy Parsons, Alison Jones and Lucy Sheridan

Sunday Inspiration: Lucy Parsons, Alison Jones and Lucy Sheridan

These have to be my favourite posts to write. 

It is such a pleasure to take a moment and reflect on who has inspired me this week and why.

I probably enjoy it so much, partly because I love drawing attention to some the amazing women out there doing really interesting things. Especially when the mainstream media is so full of stressful and unhappy news. 

Three very different women have been inspiring me this week.  

Lucy Parsons

I first met Lucy when we were both members of Janet Murray's Soulful PR Membership Group. You might remember Janet from last week's Sunday Inspiration post. Lucy is an Academic Coach helping students get into their dream universities. If only I had known Lucy in 1999!  Lucy has been inspiring me this week with the fact that she wrote her book in a few short weeks. She knew what she wanted to say and she just got on and wrote it down. Love it. 

Alison Jones

Continuing the theme of book publishing, Alison Jones publishes business books. The wonderful Kate Peers suggested that I look at Alison's 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge. I am signed up but now have to wait until it starts on the 10th June. I wonder if anyone fancies doing it with me? 

Lucy Sheridan

Lucy Sheridan is the world's first and only comparison coach. I first came across Lucy when she gave a short talk at Mothers' Meeting in 2015. Her message is such an important one - don't compare yourself to other people, especially on social media. I've loved watching her business grow as she helps people escape the grip of social media comparison anxiety. Don't we all know what that's like. 

I'd love to know who has inspired you this week? Come over and share the love on Instagram or Twitter



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