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3 Ways To Unstick A Project

3 Ways To Unstick A Project

Did you notice? 

There is no blog post on the site for the 5th April. Shock Horror.

Rest assured, I haven't broken my 30-day challenge commitment to one blog post a day. I wrote the post in my notebook but it didn't make it onto the site. And the only thing to blame is the lovely glass of prosecco I drank on the Southbank which disrupted my blog writing flow. 

As a result, have been left with a slight feeling of unease. Like I've let us down in some way. And this has inspired today's blog post. 

I have been asking, how to get back on track after something doesn't quite go to plan? 

It's happened in so many of my projects. That if I hit a stumbling block or have a negative experience, that it makes me want to quit. And I'm sure at some points, I have. 

But we all know that the great things in life take perseverance. Regular, small actions that add up eventually to a big result. The challenge is to keep taking those small actions, over and over again, day after day. 

So, here are my three favourite ways to get back on track.

Reconnect with Why

Remembering why you started the project in the first place and getting that spark of inspiration back can be just what you need to get things restarted. 

Just Do It

Sometimes it can be as simple as putting your head down and just starting again. Like a stalled car, once you've jump started yourself, you'll find your back on track in no time.

Find The Impact

This is my favourite. Talk to someone who is benefiting from your project or work. Today, I had the joy of being told how this blog is being read and enjoyed by someone I know. Her comments have really fired me back up to keep writing and keep sharing. 

How do you get back on track? I'd love to know what works for you. 



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