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How To Get Noticed On Social Media

How To Get Noticed On Social Media

I am delighted to welcome our first guest blogger to Beyond Busy. Helen Bainbridge runs Hatch Social, providing bespoke social media services for businesses. 

In a recent survey, 46% of small businesses cited ‘getting noticed’ as the aspect that they find the hardest when marketing their business on social media.

When you add to this that the reason they use social media is ‘To make people aware of my brand’ (95%) and ‘To attract new customers’ (93%), then spending time wisely online to ensure businesses get noticed is imperative.

So what can you do to get noticed on social media?  How can you stand out and build your following authentically?

Here are our top tips:

Have a strategy

Know what your brand stands for. And know your audience inside out; what motivates them and why they should care about your business. Take that knowledge and write a strategy that puts your target audience at the heart of everything you do.

Post fantastic content

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘this will do’. Every post should help build your brand. Your content is the number one reason why people follow you and the quality of your content is the single biggest factor in your control, so make sure you’re proud of each and every piece that you put out. Your followers expect you to be reliable, but not predictable. Be as bold, beautiful and creative as you can be.

Be human

You’ll have probably heard of the algorithms that the major social media channels use that can make your content less visible to your audience. Our advice is; don’t try to beat the algorithms. Work with them. There are many tempting ‘hacks’ to try to outsmart the algorithms (Instagram Pods being the latest craze) but the algorithms will soon find you out.

Be interested in your community

Step out of your ‘news feed’ bubble. The major social media platforms are only showing us what they think we want to see based on past behaviour. You actually probably haven’t seen content from the vast majority of the accounts you follow for quite some time. So take time every week to have a scroll through the profiles that you follow. You followed them for a reason in the first place so remind yourself of who’s out there and engage with them to get back on their radar. It will broaden your horizons and inspire you in new ways.


Take the time to engage with the people that comment/like/retweet your posts. All of the social media platforms are wired to favour engagement. So be active, involved and genuinely interested in your community. Take the time to build genuine and meaningful connections with your followers and you will be rewarded.

Be easy to find

If your social media channels of choice are Instagram or Twitter, then make sure that you’re using the all-important hashtag. This is the key to getting your content noticed by a wider, relevant audience. Keep a list of popular, categorised hashtags so that you always have them to hand. Update your hashtag list regularly and keep an eye on the popular hashtags that your community are using.

If you do all the above consistently then you will get noticed on social media and will authentically and organically grow your following. And most likely have some really interesting and insightful conversations along the way too!


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