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The Next Challenge: The Next 30 Days

The Next Challenge: The Next 30 Days

Probably not a shock to most of you. But I can't stop writing. 

In the last 3 days, I have continued to scribble articles in my notebook. I have about 8 or so pre-written. And my list of blog titles continues to grow. 

I've also been blown away by your wonderful, encouraging, sometimes almost tear jerking comments on Instagram. What a community you are. 

So it looks like I can't stop now. 

But deciding where to take this project next has not been easy. It didn't feel challenging enough to just do another 30 day challenge, writing one blog a day. 

If I'm not challenged, I know I won't do it. 

The answer seemed to be alluding me. Until I hit on the answer. Double It. 

No not, two blog posts a day. That might start making you all feel a little sick of the sight of me. 

Here is the new challenge. 

30 days. 

30 pieces of content and

30 hustles

What does this mean? 

30 Pieces Of Content: I've decided to expand out from just writing blogs. Each day I will create a piece of content that could be a blog post, graphic for social media, a video or audio. 

30 Hustles: In the Digital Mums Collective, we have a phrase. Do The Hustle. It means get out there and make something happen. Whatever you what, you can make it happen.

My hustles might be approaching an amazing entrepreneur for an interview, a publication for PR, approaching a brand or a PR Company.

These hustles could be for me or as part of my work for The Soap Co. or Digital Mums. I know that by the 23rd of May at least one brilliant thing will have come from these daily hustles. 

And I've decided. That I will do this in 1 hour a day maximum. 

After all, I have a family, clients and a full on life to lead. 

Wish me luck. 



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