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Workspace Review: CAYA Club, Brixton

Workspace Review: CAYA Club, Brixton

I had the pleasure of squeezing in some work at CAYA Club in Brixton this week. 

One of the Co-Founders, Nita and I, worked together for an amazing charity called SolarAid. 

So when I found out she had created a co-working cafe in Brixton, I had to get down there. It only took me 6 months! 

CAYA stands for Come As You Are and that is definitely the vibe you get as soon as you walk through the door.

It's welcoming, interesting, beautifully decorated and the coffee was fantastic.

I'd highly recommend checking it out if you are a freelancer or run your own business. 

CAYA Club combines two options in one lovely space. 

1. You can enjoy the coffee shop (and I did) or

2. There is a flexible workspace and meeting room to rent. The prices are very reasonable with options to use the workspace for an hour, a full day or on monthly basis.

I could have stayed for hours - chatting to the lovely co-founder Kate and drinking their delicious coffee. 

The next time I am totally bored of working at home by myself, I will be heading down to Brixton.  Maybe I'll see you there. 


Disclaimer: I was very thankful to be gifted my coffee and brownie. This has in no way influenced my review. But it did make me very happy. 

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