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How Do You Create A Social Media Campaign?

How Do You Create A Social Media Campaign?

This is a question I get asked a lot. 

I am sure that every social media manager has their own process. As unique to them as any creative process. 

I have developed mine through practice. Designing campaign after campaign for The Soap Co. 

Before May 2015, I wouldn't have had a clue where to start. But through the brilliant Digital Mums Live Learning Academy, I learnt how to design a social media campaign in real time with a real client. Talk about a baptism of fire. 

Over the last two years, I have designed Christmas sales campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, campaigns designed to increase our followers and more. So here is my process.

Get the Ideas Flowing

I love my moleskin notebook. My first step is to start brainstorming ideas for the campaign, whatever comes into my mind. Images, hashtags, content, topics of conversation. 

Social Listening 

Once I have a few ideas down, I check in with what people are saying around the topics. I search hashtags on Twitter and LinkedIn. Read some prominent bloggers in the niches and just nose around. 


It soon becomes clear whether people are taking about a certain area. Generally, if no one is talking about a theme, I won't create a campaign around it. The clients I work for do not have enough budget to be setting the trends yet. 

Three Creative Concepts

I like to have three creative concepts to put in front of the client. This gives us an opportunity to talk through the ideas and the thoughts behind them. It's not very productive to put one idea forward and have it rejected outright. 

Design the Campaign

I like to have a great hashtag as a starting point. From there I build out 

  • A short campaign summary
  • Curated and Created Content
  • Influencers and
  • Metrics

Then it's that wonderful time when you launch a campaign and you have no idea where it will go. Once it's launched, it develops a life of it's own and we get to ride the wave until it's over. 

What's your creative process? I'd love to know. 


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