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Productivity Hacks With Coach, Ruth Kudzi

Productivity Hacks With Coach, Ruth Kudzi


I am delighted to welcome coach Ruth Kudzi as our second guest blogger. Ruth is a business and confidence coach for mums working with mums who want to start up or develop their own businesses. She is geekly obsessed with ways that she can be more productive so she can get more done in less time.


 Productivity is one of my passions, as mums time is tight so I want to make sure I squeeze as much as I can into my working hours.

One of my key positivity hacks is planning. I like to sit down every month and think about what I need to do and then allocate time for specific tasks so I know what I have to do. I then block out the time in my calendar.

Every evening I review my schedule for the next day. I use a template similar to one I got from Brendon Burchard so I only have 1-3 main tasks for the day. I plan by the hour and make sure I mix it up so I don’t spend longer than 50 mins – 1 hour doing any one activity. I find this keeps me motivated and focused.

Every day my to-do list is just a list of “microcommitments” that I can slot in if I have time, these are never urgent but are things that I know will move my business forward such as Facebook lives, sales emails or speaking to a friend.

When I write my schedule I am really detailed and include everything, including those mundane tasks like washing (and putting the clothes away) which I wish I didn’t have to do. I have a colour coded system so I can see where I have been spending my time. This really helps remind me of being in some kind of balance and helps me to spot when I might be doing too much (or too little) work.

I have been working with a high performance coach for the last 6 months who has made me realise the importance of routines. Alongside my schedule I have established pretty consistent evening and morning routines.

As a parent of young children your sleep can be massively impacted. When you don’t get enough sleep your cognitive functions are compromised by up to 30% (the same as when you are drunk). Sometimes it feels like you are never going to get 8 hours sleep again but having a good evening routine is a step in the right direction (I can’t tell you how to get your kids to sleep through the night!).

The key is to get rid of all screens from the bedroom at least 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep. We have invested in old fashioned alarm clocks although I find that now I have a proper routine I always wake up just before my alarm which feels a million times better than the snooze button.

After you have got rid of screens the next 30 minutes is for you to unwind, I love to journal or read and sometimes meditate. I know other people like to do yoga or speak to their partner. Think about what would help you to relax and get that sleep.

When I have a good evening routine I am much more likely to get my 8 hours sleep and feel energised (and therefore more productive) in the morning.

The ideal morning routine is something I don’t feel is quite achievable as a parent so I have modified it. I have a huge drink of water when I wake up as I know I am dehydrated and then I do some stretching or a bit of yoga, I look over my schedule for the day and do my affirmations. I am then good to go.

I find that this helps me get into a productive frame of mind so I can then focus on work before my kids wake up.

As a parent the key to any of these is flexibility, if your baby is teething then it is unlikely that you will have the restorative sleep that you want, when this is the case I mediate during the day when she is having a nap to increase my energy levels. When both girls were sick recently our routine (and my schedule) went out of the window and I focused on them. It meant lots of laying in the bed and singing but it was what was right for then – I don’t worry about this.

You can find out more about Ruth on her website www.ruthkudzicoaching.com. 



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Behind The Instagram Image: Jessica Rose Williams, Minimalist Lifestyle Blogger

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