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Your Customers Are Checking You Out On Social Media

Your Customers Are Checking You Out On Social Media

With all marketing activities, it is important to link the activity to the outcome you want; more customers, more sales and a successful business. Social Media Marketing is no different.

However, it is dangerous to extend this logic to only investing in social media if you only evaluate its success by the number of direct buyers it recruits.

Social Media has become an integrated part of the daily lives of every demographic. From Generation Z to the Baby Boomers, a majority of people are using social media to research, engage and connect with companies they like.

Social Media Marketing does recruit new customers and open up opportunities. But customers are using it to influence their buying decisions in many ways that will ensure you make that sale.

If you are absent or, just as bad, passive and out of date, your customers might decide to buy from someone else or worse forget they want to buy what you are selling.

Building An Impression of Your Brand

With a multitude of products, services or options available, branding is one of the major differentiators between companies. For many customers, we want to buy from companies who reflect our values, beliefs and self image. Social media is the ideal place to build your brand as it allows real time sharing of information about your company and your customers.

Checking For Any Negativity

The internet has made it so easy for anyone to write a negative comment or review of a company’s product or service on social media. These are easily found by a simple Google search and can make the difference between a sale or no sale.

Even further than that, as customers we have become used to having our comments and questions responded to within minutes or at most hours on social networks. If you are not responding to these on Twitter or Facebook, they are creating a negative impression of your company.

Social Proof

As more and more social interactions take place online, social media has become a significant place for customers to be influenced by their friends and connections. Social proof has been an established technique in offline marketing for many years. The evidence is clear that we are still seeking social proof when we interact and buy digitally.

What do you find difficult about social media marketing? What are your biggest challenges? 



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