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Sunday Inspiration: Janet Murray, Ness Knight and Kate Peers

Sunday Inspiration: Janet Murray, Ness Knight and Kate Peers

Sometimes we all get that Sunday feeling. However, much we love our work.

Maybe the weekend was just too lovely. The sun shone brightly and it was filled with those magical moments we wish could last forever.

Or the opposite and nothing felt right and everything was out of order and disjointed.

Either way, if that Sunday feeling monster is creeping up. Here is a blog for you.

One of the reasons I love social media is that it allows me to connect with people I would never have met any other way.

Those people who make me pause for a minute and think ‘what she’s doing sounds cool’ And then I get that feeling that I love - the one where I feel anything might be possible, that maybe I could do a little of what they are doing.

It’s a completely overused and cliched word but I feel inspired.

I’d love to share just a little bit of that inspiration with you. So, here are three of the women I have been inspired by this week for very different reasons.

Janet Murray

Janet Murray is founder of Soulful PR. She helps thousands of small businesses through her blog, webinars, book, events, facebook group, Soulful PR studio and more!

She inspires me because she is building an authentic, positive and impactful business on her own terms. It shines through everything she does that helping her audience is her first priority. And her method work. Using her blog, book, podcasts and Facebook group, I have contributed to articles in The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph and more.

The scale of what she delivers and the speed she does it is inspiring. She decided to launch a podcast and is now delivered over 100 episodes. She decided to write a book and published it within weeks.

If I could deliver a small percentage of what she delivers, I would be a very happy person indeed.

You can find out more about Janet at www.janetmuray.co.uk. If you want to get PR for your business, there is no one better.

Ness Knight

Ness is an explorer and adventurer. How cool is that!

I came across Ness after she followed me on Instagram. I was immediately taken by her beautiful feed and her great website.

I have to be honest here, I am no athlete and have no desire to become one. I ran a 10km in a heatwave through London and that was enough for me.

Although I have no desire to trek across the Namib, I do love to set myself challenges and stretch myself. Normally of the cerebral rather than athletic.

I will enjoy reading her blog and seeing her adventures. Maybe some of her grit and determination will rub off on me.

You can enjoy her adventures at @ness_knight on Instagram or www.nessknight.com

Kate Peers

She is probably going to hate me for this. But it is true that I am inspired by Kate.

What she is doing is inspiring by itself, building a life that blends family and career. Writing a successful blog, writing for Metro, Camp Bestival Blogger and social media manager. Just the amount she gets done is amazing.

More importantly, it’s the way she does it. Although she is so busy, she is always encouraging and supportive. And honest about her own challenges and feelings. Making us all feel a little less alone.

I can’t not mention that she posts the most beautiful pictures of the coast on Instagram. I get sunset and sea envy whenever I see her pictures. They really are beautiful.

You can follower her @madabouttheboys and https://madabouttheboys.net/

I would love to know who has inspired you this week.


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