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Productivity Tips From A Social Media Manager

Productivity Tips From A Social Media Manager

One of the biggest problems with social media is it can take up so much time. When you’re running a business this can be a serious problem.

There is probably no limit to the amount of time you could spend marketing your business on social media. There are so many channels, so many campaign opportunities, so many people to talk to. But there is more to running a business than just marketing.

As a Social Media Managers, we know that every minute spent on the social media channels is precious. We want to get the best results for every minute invested.

So, how do we do it?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are about to jump into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

What Is My Goal?

Part of the reason you invest in a Strategic Social Media Manager is to ensure that your social media activity has a SMART goal and is evaluated against that goal. Whether this goal is to increase your brand awareness or to launch a new project.

Knowing what you are aiming to achieve with social media give you the clarity and focus to ensure that every action you take is taking you closer to that goal.

It will save you precious time knowing what content to share, what content not to share and who you want to be talking to.

Does This Add Value to My Target Audience?

Now I am building my own business, I understand why it is so tempting to fall back on sharing our company ‘news’. It will be familiar to all of us - posting information about what conferences we are talking at, latest PR coverage etc. This all has a place of course. The problem is when it is all we share. As a business, we are like one of those people who only ever talks about ourselves.

The clue to successful content is in the name social media. It’s not broadcast media.

So, as Social Media Managers, we make sure that every tweet, post or update is adding value to our target audience. It’s something they will find interesting, amusing and ideally sharable.

For our most committed customers or contacts, news of our recent mention in The Times or Guardian newspapers will be of interest. But for the majority of your audience it will be glanced at and forgotten as we move on to the next tweet, post or update.

Could This Activity Be Prescheduled?

It is not a closely guarded secret that a lot of social media activity is pre-scheduled through brilliant tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. Used intelligently, these tools can allow you to ensure you gave regular content being shared whilst you work on other areas of your business.

It is important that these tools are used wisely and with the awareness that your audience will not enjoy feeling like they are talking to a robot.

How far in advance you schedule your content is a personal preference. I know of Social Media Managers who schedule a week’s content in one session or even a month’s content at a time. Personally, I love to schedule far in advance at the beginning of a campaign but wouldn’t be able to live without the day-to-day fun of a thriving community.

There are some things that should not be automated without risking having a negative effect on your relationships with your customers. Automated replies to new followers on Twitter is one of them. There are many more and I will cover these in a future post.

Could This Activity Be Batched With Other Similar Tasks?

Strategic management of a business’ social media marketing requires a lot of repeatable tasks on a regular basis. Searching for hashtags, formatting photos, creating Twitter lists, reviewing competitors. The list goes one.

You can save significant amounts of time on social media by batching these activities together and doing them on a monthly or weekly basis.

If you find yourself spending more hours than you’d like on social media, use some of these productivity tips. 

What are your productivity tips? I'd love to hear your suggestions. 


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