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What is an Impression? And Other Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

What is an Impression? And Other Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Social Media Marketing has developed its own unique language. So familiar and easy to understand when you live and breathe it but so hard when you are just starting out.

When talking to clients and potential clients, they often ask me what a certain term means, almost apologetically. There is no reason why, if you are not working in Social Media Marketing, that you should have a detailed knowledge of the terms we use every day.

So, here is a list of the main terms I get asked about and my personal interpretation of what they mean. 


Impressions are the number of times that tweet has been seen or shown on someone’s Twitter feed. Facebook uses the term Reach.

We use Impressions and Reach as metrics to evaluate the success of campaigns aimed at raising brand awareness of an organisation.


Engagement rate or activity covers all actions someone has taken on your Tweet or Facebook Post. These include Likes, Shares, Comments and Link Clicks.

Although Impressions and Reach are important metrics, we do aim for our target customers to take an action on our content.


Influencers are well connected, respected and active users on a Social Media Channel. They could be bloggers, organisations, journalists, celebrities or just normal people who like to share.

Developing relationships with Influencers is a key part of a social media campaign. Influencers can amplify and spread your message much further than you will be able to do yourself. They also add credibility to your brand which is important.


When a Social Media Manager talks about Channels. They are referring to the different Social Media websites and apps - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. 


Metrics is another catch all term for all the analytical data we can use from the Social Media Channels to evaluate our social media activity.

Social Media Campaign

A Social Media Campaign is a time-limited, strategic, metric-driven activity designed to achieve a specific objective. This could be brand awareness, engagement, website visits etc.

Community Management

Community Management is a catch-all term for the activities a Social Media Manager will do on a daily basis on your social media communities. Activities include: responding to customers comments, engaging with Influencers, Sharing and Liking other people’s posts, posting content about your business.

What Social Media and Digital Marketing terms do you find confusing?


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