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60 Second Guide: Collaborating With Bloggers

60 Second Guide: Collaborating With Bloggers

Bloggers are becoming a mainstream and accepted part of a marketing strategy. 

However, not all blogger collaborations are as successful as they could be. It's easy to be tempted to work with the bloggers who have the largest number of followers or the ones who approach you. 

In 2016, I ran a successful blogger outreach project for a brand. The results were an increased number of followers and fans, increased number of visits to our website and sales. 

Here is your 60-second guide to make your blogger collaborations as successful as they can be. 

Are their followers your target audience?

This is the most important consideration. As part of the outreach project, I rated each blogger's followers depending on how closely their followers matched our target customers. 

Size of their community

We chose to focus on micro influencers, those bloggers with followers in the thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands and millions. Research has shown that these micro influencers can be much more effective than bloggers with larger communities. 

How engaged is their community?

You only want to work with bloggers who have an engaged community. 

When you look at their social media posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, how many likes and comments do the have? There are many social media influencers with large communities that have been bought and this will show in the lack of engagement with their posts. 

How professional is their blog?

Is it visually attractive and well written? When you work with a blogger you are aligning your brand with theirs. Make sure their brand is of the same quality as yours. 

Build real relationships for the long term

You have the opportunity to build a successful partnership for the long term. Treat bloggers as you would any important relationship and it will pay off. 

Have you worked with bloggers, successfully or unsuccessfully? I'd love to hear your stories, do share.


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