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The Best Tools For Digital Working

The Best Tools For Digital Working

I could not have imagined that in 2017 I would be working completely digitally and remotely. 

All of it has been made possible by some invaluable tools that I use on a daily basis. 


Trello is described as a web based project management tool. However, it is much more than that. It is like a huge digital whiteboard to keep track of projects, tasks and actions. Trello allows me to collaborate easily with a remote team. It's also seriously easy to use. 


At its simplest, Slack is a messaging app. It allows you to communicate with your team using themed channels and direct messages. All conversations are searchable and you can use it to share documents.

Slack has been an invaluable tool for me this year. I have found that I feel more in contact with the people I work with than if we were sitting in the same office.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

As a Digital and Social Media Marketer, it’s not surprising that I couldn’t do my work without the social networks.

However, I also use them for business development, learning and keeping in touch with my professional network. Here are some of the ways:

LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to post blog articles on Pulse and connect with new people.

Twitter is great for connecting with new people at events and has been brilliant for securing press coverage in the Guardian, Virgin Entrepreneur, Nat West Connect and many others.

Facebook groups are also fantastic for professional networking. The Digital Mums Alumni Community, The DM Collective, is a constant source of insight, knowledge and experience.

Drive and Dropbox

Drive and dropbox allow me to share images, documents and videos with my team wherever we are. It makes me chuckle to think of the days of a “shared drive” that could only be accessed from your computer at your desk. I couldn’t live without working in real time on documents from tracking our PR mentions to creating presentations for workshops.


For those of us not naturally gifted in graphic design, Canva is a godsend. It provides an easy to use interface to create a range of graphics. I use it most to create images which are perfectly formatted for the different social media channels.

Now they have launched their iPhone app, it is even easier to work from wherever I choose to be.

iMovie and GarageBand

As a huge mac fan, I find these two programmes the easiest and cheapest way to create professional video and audio. They do take a little bit of learning but there is lots of help available online with a quick google.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. I have tried others but still find Buffer to be the easiest interface for me. And I love their helpful customer service - top notch.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

I do have Microsoft Office on my desktop but I find that I much prefer to create simple documents in the Google suite.


Last and very much not least, my iPhone is the hub of all of these tools. I now have to guard it with my life (and have a very good insurance policy) as it is very much the most important piece of equipment I own.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of my favourite tools. What tools could you not live without?

I always love finding a new tool to make me even more productive.


Beyond Busy? Try Microtasks

Beyond Busy? Try Microtasks